2014 Mid-Year Update

We are in the City Messenger!


September 2012 Update

It's that time of the year again, that is, time for the annual changeover of committee members! A huge thank you to our outgoing executive, Lily, Peta, Michael, Rory and Justina!

And a big welcome to our brand new executive committee, Renjie, Frances, Ben, Sarah, Vanessa, and Eleanor! Our schools manager Daniel will continue in his current role into 2013.

It's been a great year, and we've made some fantastic achievements which we should all be proud about.

Good luck for the rest of 2012 and into 2013!


2013 Executive

The Robogals Asia-Pacific conference for the year is currently underway. The 2013 executive team have received their formal instructions from Robogals Global, made new contacts with members of our Australian (and Dunedin) chapters and are now looking forward to tackling the year ahead!


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