Positions Available

Robogals Adelaide has exciting opportunities for university student volunteers. All we ask is a few hours of your time - we promise it will be a rewarding experience. Register to be a volunteer now!

Looking for a stronger commitment to Robogals? Try out one of our Executive Committee positions below! The time commitment for these roles is 1-2 hours per week. If you are interested in these positions, look out for upcoming AGM this year around the end of August.

  • Leads the team to fulfill their goals for the year
  • Supports all the team members and keeps track of their progress


  • Ensures legal compliance
  • Maintains the Register of Members
  • Takes minutes at meetings
  • Does anything else admin-related
  • Keeps accurate bookkeeping of all income and expenditure
  • Facilitates all of the club's transactions

Schools and Students Manager

  • Liaises with schools about school visits and other activities
  • Organises the uni students to go on school visits

Training and Workshop Manager

  • Designs and updates lessons
  • Teaches volunteers to teach other volunteers and students
  • Books rooms for volunteer training sessions

Sponsorship and Partnerships Manager

  • Establishes and maintains relationships with sponsors and partners
  • As well as sponsorship, also applies for grants and other income sources

Marketing Manager

  • Organises public events throughout the year to promote Robogals
  • Undertakes marketing activities to recruit new members
  • Gets publicity for Robogals in a range of publications
  • Keeps our social media updated
  • Ensures that Robogals is presented in a positive light at all times


Requirements: To be part of the committee, you must be a currently enrolled university student (undergraduate or postgraduate) at the University of Adelaide. However, we welcome volunteers from all South Australian universities.


Partners and Sponsors

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