October 2011

Adelaide Uni Engineering Society Term 4 BBQ (14th October 2011)

Robogals had their own tent at the AUES Term 4 BBQ, and despite light rains we managed to raise some more funds through a chocolate raffle, sign up some more volunteers, and had a great time hanging out and playing with our robot demonstration. Thanks to Lily, Justina, Saxon, Anastasia, and Michael for all their help.


Pancake-Off (11th October 2011)

The Pancake-Off on the 11th October was a great success. The pancakes were delicious, we had ample volunteers helping out, the weather was beautiful and we sold all the pancakes we made! A great time was had by all, thanks to our volunteers Sarah, Anastasia, Lydia, Frances, Justina, Daniel, Michael and Peta, as well as all the hungry people who bought our pancakes.

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