Past events

Robogals Rural & Regional Trip: Mount Gambier 2013

During the winter holidays, Robogals Adelaide travelled to Mount Gambier where we had a whale of a time! We ran workshops at 5 different schools in the area: Mil Lel Primary, Mulga Primary, Mount Gambier High, Reidy Primary and Moorak Primary. We were lucky enough to have accomdodation and good contacts for the trip (courtesy of Ben) which allowed us to run workshops at more schools. Thanks Vanessa, Ben, Erika, Tayesha and Frances for making the trip, and to Ben's family for hosting us while we were there!


Robogals Rural & Regional Trip: Port Pirie 2012

In April of 2012, Robogals Adelaide traveled to Port Pirie where we were welcomed at John Pirie Secondary School to run 3 days of workshops for students from John Pirie Secondary, Solomon Town Primary, Pirie West Primary, Airdale Primary, and Risdon Park Primary. Marketing Manager Justina Andrews was able to speak to the local radio station 5cs 1044 AM about Robogal's aims and excitement over the workshops, as well as being featured in the local newspaper. A big thanks to Lily, Michael, Peta and Justina for making the trip, and thanks also to Anastasia for making it happen.


Adelaide University O-Week 2012

O-Week 2012 saw the Robogals Adelaide crew welcoming in a bunch of new students and showing them what we're about. This year's O'week was jungle themed, and keeping in line with this trend we had our Robo-gator snapping away at anyone who got too close! We had a lot of interest from new students about getting involved in the club, and are looking forward to a bunch of new faces joining us for 2012.


AUES Term 4 BBQ, 14th October, Barr Smith Lawns

Anastasia and Justina at the Robogals tent

The Adelaide University Engineering Society's last BBQ for 2011 was on the 14th October, on the Barr Smith Lawns. Despite slightly poor weather conditions, Lily, Saxon, Justina, Anastasia & Michael spent the day hanging out with the robots and introducing students to our club's aims, and signed up a few new volunteers. We also had a successful raffle which had two bundles of Haigh's chocolates as prizes. Check out the photos taken on the day in the gallery.




Pancake-Off, 11th October, Barr Smith Lawns

Cooking pancakes on the Barr Smith Lawns

The Robogals Adelaide crew spent a beautiful day in the sun making and selling pancakes to raise money for our organization. The money raised will go back into Robogals Adelaide for us to spend on events for our volunteers, students, and community. We sold 2-stacks for $2.50 and 3-stacks for $3.50, with delicious topping choices of lemon, sugar, maple syrup, whipped cream and jam. Our wonderful volunteers Sarah, Anastasia, Lydia, Frances, Justina, Daniel, Michael and Peta all had a great time hanging out and eating pancakes. Check out the photos from the day in the gallery.


The World's Largest Robot Dance (Melbourne, Australia)

Robot dance
The world's largest robot dance in progress

On 29 September 2009, Robogals broke the Guinness World Record for the 'largest robot dance' with 351 dancers. The previous record of 276 dancers was set by students at the University of Kent in the UK. The attempt was enjoyed by all present, and attracted significant media coverage that raised awareness of Robogals and our cause.

A few media coverage highlights:

  • The 7pm Project on Channel 10 had a reporter present at the event; the clip was shown in the evening just after the dance. Our first appearance on primetime national TV!
  • ABC Local Radio crossed live to the dance scene just before and after the dance attempt.
  • Articles in the Herald Sun both before and after the attempt (24 & 30 Sep) including a video on their website
  • Interviews on ABC Local Radio, Nova 100, 3AW and SYN FM in the week leading up to the dance.
  • We were The Age's Odd Spot the following morning.
  • Step-by-step "how to do the robot dance" in mX newspaper the day before.
  • Britain's Metro newspaper carried an article about the attempt.
  • Singapore's Straits Times included a photo of our robot dance in their "News in Pictures on Tuesday" on that day, alongside other such historic events as the 60th anniversary of the People's Republic of China.
  • A group of Swinburne film students made a short (10 minutes) documentary which followed the planning and execution of the attempt, which can be viewed here

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